Friday, May 30, 2008

Own Seat

Rusty Kane the New Plymouth Independent candidate will be campaigning on the fact that he will be the only New Plymouth candidate able to put the New Plymouth electorates issues wants and needs first. ie. If elected ..instead of New Plymouth waiting twenty years plus for now required central funding for New Plymouth strategic roading projects. Rusty Kane will put this and other local New Plymouth requirements wants and needs on the negotiating table this election... As part of New Plymouth Independent seats coalition partner deal to who ever the government maybe. Non of the other candidates will or can promise this including the incumbent Harry Duynhoven. As they will all have to tow the party line all being party candidates, (ie. Labours NP candidate or Nationals NP candidate etc.) putting their party first not New Plymouth. Voting Rusty Kane New Plymouth Independent first and only with your candidate tick, will put New Plymouth's issues up first to be actioned, before being reliant on any political parties promises.