Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rusty Kane

CANDIDATE: Statement 2008

Rusty Kane's Independent New Plymouth Electorate Statement: 2008

Unlike most of these other candidates, that you may only hear and see once every three years at election time, I am constantly involved in community issues all year every year. I not only talk the talk, I act upon it and walk the walk. Show me one of these other candidates elected or not that shows the same commitment to you the community on a consistent bases, as I do.
As New Plymouth's only independent, I am running my campaign as the ultimate outsider.
In order to win against the odds. I am asking for support from both the New Plymouth National and Green parties supporters.
To first vote Rusty Kane Independent then the party you want to govern the country 2nd.
Under the MMP system it is in the best interest of all parties to secure as many party votes as possible, to obtain as many seats as possible in parliament, in order to gain power.
Under MMP the New Zealand National Party more than any other party, needs as many coalition partners as possible to pass legislation. By voting Rusty Kane Independent in the New Plymouth electorate will mean a coalition partner for National. In the New Plymouth electorate National supporters by voting for their local national candidate as well as their party will not achieve this.
The Greens will only want the party vote. So it makes no sense to vote for their local candidate.
Locally it makes more political sense to vote Rusty Kane Independent who is more favorable to the environment.
This way their supporters don't waste their New Plymouth candidate vote. Their candidates are more likely to gain election through the party list, than win a electorate seat.
Under MMP no one party can successfully govern without coalition partners.
If the local New Plymouth National and Green Party supporters first vote Rusty Kane Independent with their candidate vote and then their party, with their party vote. National will get a coalition partner and a National candidate on the list. Two for one. The Green Party will also have a coalition partner in the New Plymouth electorate that is more favorable to the environment.
Who do you the New Plymouth voter want as National or the Greens coalition partner.
In New Plymouth electorate that coalition partner is Rusty Kane Independent supporting a National Green coalition.

Ist Vote Rusty Kane Independent
New Plymouth